Observer 27 is a 5th Dimensional Bulk Being, and a one of the Observers. He was enlisted as an Observer commander, and is the last Observer to return to the 5th Dimension. He appears at random places during the Observation. It is possible to harm Observer 27, but it is considered impossible to truly kill him. As he is a Bulk Being, he possesses immense amounts of power. He can give quests in helping tie up loose ends after the Observation, such as closing rifts and hunting down any evil entities who also crossed over. If the Observation is delayed for any reason, he will still stay. He will demand that players do not interfere, and will use force if the player persists. He only appears during the Observations, but he can be found if the player enters the 5th Dimension.

Origins Edit

Observer 27 is a Bulk Being, an inhabitant of the 5th Dimension. He came into existence sometime after The Mode, and was enlisted as an Observer. There are 27 Observers in total. Observer 27 has been in service since the first Observations.

Description Edit

Observer 27 has a humanoid form. However, his head is rectangular, and the rest of his body appears to be simpler geometric shapes that make up a human body. His skin is black, and has white pulsing squares in a pattern over his body. He has no distinct face or other features. Let it be noted that this is only how he appears in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to see his true 5th Dimensional form.

Quotes Edit


-Observer 27's speech.

Trivia Edit

  • Observer 27 mostly talks to himself in the 5th Dimensional language, which is indecipherable by normal means. Multiversal translators can give broken, rough translations. If upgraded enough, his speech can be fully translated.
  • Observer 27 will ignore most interaction attempts.
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