Observer 3 is a Bulk Being who is encountered twice throughout the game. He can be found during the Observation, wandering around certain areas in the 3rd Dimension, and can be seen again asking for the player's help in operating his 5th Dimensional computer. Completing his encounter rewards the player with Money Orbs, and attempting to attack him causes the player to be quickly killed by him. If the player refuses to help him, he manages to handle the situation another way.


Observer 3 formed in the 5th Dimension at an unknown time. He joined the Observation Corp, becoming one of 27 Observers. At some point in time, he was tasked with locking away certain hostile entities he came across within a 5th Dimensional device which resembled a computer. Any entities he trapped would later be sent to The Void or erased from existence.

Meeting the playerEdit

Shortly before meeting the player, Observer 3 had trapped an incredibly large number of Inversions trying to enter the 3rd Dimension within his computer, along with other entities. He then asks the player for their help. If the player accepts, he will tell them to keep the programs running and to not let anything get out. He then runs off to get some other items secured. During that time, and Inversion tries to escape, only to dissolve in the environment of the 3rd Dimension. Rovern then contacts the player, trying to message Observer 3 and shocked to hear that he left the computer in the hands of a mortal. Observer 3 then returns to deposit the items, and then runs off again. The player must then hold off several Inversions and a demon who attempt to escape the computer while coated in protective substances. After fighting them off, Observer 3 returns, deposits the last items, gives the player their reward, and then takes the computer and leaves.


Observer 3 has the form of a human male with a grey suit, a blue tie, and light skin. However, instead of a head, he appears to have an oversized Ethernet cable. Let it be noted that this is only how he appears in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to see Observer 3's true 5th Dimensional form.


"Excuse me! I need your help at once!"

-Observer 3 asking the player for help.

"Keep the program running!"

-Telling the player what to do.

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