Observer 5 is a Bulk Being Observer from the 5th Dimension. He has the least interactions out of all the Observers, and has no dialogue. Attempting to touch him will push the player back and give a slight electric shock. Attempting to attack Observer 5 will cause him to teleport away. Interacting with Observer 5, however, will allow the player to ask for help in increasing any skill they have. Observer 5 will then transport the player to a pocket dimension where they can gain experience in their skill until they reach the exit. After passing it, Observer 5 will be nowhere to be seen. He appears during each Observation.


Observer 5 formed in the 5th Dimension at an unknown time. He joined the Observation Corp, and became one of 27 Observers under The Mode. He is known to mainly work alone and rarely interact with other entities, even other Bulk Being, and never seems to show any form of emotion. It is known that he is the inspiration for 5th Dimensional robots, such as Recorders, Cartographers, Peacekeepers, and Peacemakers.


Observer 5 resembles an adult Human male with a grey suit. However, his skin, as seen on his hands, is metallic and grey, and is in simple geometric forms, as his hands lack fingernails. Instead of a head, Observer 5 has a security camera on a robotic stalk-like neck. There is a glowing red light on the upper right side of the camera's face, right under the upper covering.

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