Observer 8 is a Bulk Being from the Observation Corp. Like Observer 27, Observer 8 can only be seen during the Observation, in a random location each time. He asks the player if any new hubs of supernatural and physical activity have come up since the previous Observation. After the player responds, he will disappear, either going to the hub or going to ask someone else. Observer 8 also despises reporters, especially interdimensional ones, and will act rudely towards the player if they are a reporter. If the player tells him the location of a new hub, he will give them 5 Money Orbs as he disappears.

Origins Edit

Observer 8 is a Bulk Being that formed sometime after The Mode in the 5th Dimension. He was enlisted in the Observation Corp, and was given the rank of Observer 8. He has served since the Corp's founding. He grew to despise reporters and the press, as he was a man who did not like being asked questions, especially by beings of lower dimensions.

Observations Edit

Observer 8 is one of 27 Observers who record and map out the entire Multiverse. One of his stops is the 3rd Dimension. It is at this time that the player encounters him.

Description Edit

Observer 8 bears the form of a humanoid male, wearing a grey business suit with a bow tie. His skin is a light grey skin tone. Instead of a head, he has a brown tree branch, which itself branches off in 3 short stumps, while the main branch is curved and ends in a jagged piece. This is only how he appears in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to see Observer 8's true 5th Dimensional form.

Quotes Edit

"I've had enough of the damn press..."


"Have you seen any new indecipherables around here?"

-Asking the player if they have seen any anomalies.

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