Observer 9 is an NPC encountered during the Observation, which is annually. He can also be encountered during another annual event, which is the annual meeting of the Top Hat Society (THS). He cannot be interacted with during the Observation, but he can be interacted with during the meeting of the THS. When interacted with at that time, the player is able to join the Top Hat Society. Attacking Observer 9 will come to no avail, as he will disappear, leaving his top hat behind, which will then swallow the player whole, killing them instantly.

Origins and Observations Edit

Observer 9 came into existence in the 5th Dimension. He joined the Observation Corp along with 26 other Bulk Beings, making 27 in total. Thus, like the other Observers, when the time of the Observation came, he would go throughout the Multiverse, searching for anomalies and documenting how things had changed. However, in his spare time, he went back to the 3rd Dimension, specifically Earth of the True Timeline, and created the Top Hat Society, automatically becoming its chairman. It would be sometime after this that he meets the player in a desert region on the borders of Government territory. He would be sitting in a sofa, with other members of the THS behind him, and with a strange, shifting, torus-like landmark behind him.

Description Edit

Observer 9 appears to be a human male in his late 40s. He wears an old-fashioned black suit, with black pants and black dress shoes. He has fair skin, brown hair, and a brown beard. He always wears a top hat, which is nearly 3 feet tall, and has a red strap on it, right above the brim. It casts a dark shadow over his eyes. This is only how he appears in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to see Observer 9's true 5th Dimensional form.

Quotes Edit

"This is the meeting place of the Top Hat Society, which I am the chairman of."

-Introducing the area.

"There are some responsibilities."

-Speaking about the Top Hat Society.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why he sits in a sofa when meeting the player in the desert, but it could be due to the fact that he is the chairman of the THS.
  • If the player joins his society, he will give them his hat. However, when he takes off his hat, it is revealed that he has an identical hat beneath it.
  • The landmark behind him appears to be an illusion created by him to show where the THS meeting will be, as no one else reports seeing it and it disappears when he leaves.
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