The Orb Man is an enemy that is the target of a quest given by two Novamen in the ground level of a megacity. He is armed with an orb of magic he collected from alternate universes, and will use it to attack the player if the player tries to help the Novamen turn him in. If the player manages to hold him off, distract him long enough, or disarm him, the Novamen will restrain him and take him away. If not, he will use the orb to teleport away. If the player doesn't get him arrested, they won't encounter Static Man.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Orb Man, along with his brother Static Man, are gas-like entities from an alternate version of Earth. Orb Man's Earth had no Government, no Military, no Intergalactic Empire, and no Titanian contact. However, Orb Man and Static Man wanted power. They didn't want to serve the mages that ran their world, and hatched a plan to overthrow them. They managed to jump universes, and began stealing different forms of magical energy from different universes, intent on using them to overthrow the high mages of their world. However, they were both being hunted by Titanian Enforcers and Novamen, and even some Time Police Officers for disrupting the flow of time in some timelines. Orb Man took on a human disguise, and separated from Static Man for a short period of time, which is when the player encounters him.

Description[edit | edit source]

In his human disguise, Orb Man appears to be a young human male in a rather odd red jacket. Upon closer inspection, there are magical runes on the sides of his sleeves and pant legs. When injured, however, he bleeds green smoke. The human disguise is also more like an environmental suit, as he can't survive in the True Timeline in his true form. In his true form, Orb Man appears to be a cloud of green smoke in a humanoid form.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Health 700
Fire Resistance 80%
Physical Resistance 30%
Magic Resistance 85%
Energy Resistance 20%
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