The Potassium Zone is a well known area of the BossFight Universe, and is themed around the edible item «Banana». It is an urban zone that borders citrus-city and is a mid-game zone however players can access it at any time due to no level walls being inplace, however it is recommended that only experienced players should access the potassium zone as the quests and enemys are challanging and affect the entire game's story. u/randomaspland is the first person to mention the area on the subreddit

Story-line Edit


The Potassium Zone is based around the player character becoming a «Banana Warrior» and having to traverse a land full of the dead bodies of other «Banana»-class NPCs. This story line is very emotional, with the player having to slaughter waves of grotesque «Bananas» that have been genetically fused with «Ducks». The storyline ends with the player receiving the rare drop «Banana Blade».

Enemies Edit

The main enemies of this zone include:

Banana-Ducks -- Banana Duck hybrids that are easily defeated on their own, however form very strong mobs

Banana duck

A wild mob of Banana-Ducks (/u/Randomaspland)

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