Ingame story Edit

Proxima hell is a bleak, Hell-themed alternate realm of the 3rd Dimension, where the 4 Guardians of the Proxima Hell World Domear the shadow knight and The Gatekeeper come from.

After all the fights ended, a faction know as the Godless Crusaders, decided to start in the remains of Proxima Hell (more information in Factions), and now is a faction controlled zone.

Battles Edit

First guardian:

First battle:

experiment_3655_2 vs The second guardian:

After experiment kills the pet, choose to join him

Second battle:

u/S1lv3rw1nd vs the guard (never ended)

Second guardian:

The mercenary leader vs experiment vs the third guardian

the mercenary leader beats third guardian, experiment escapes, and the guardian rips the soul to the mercenary leader.

Third guardian:

First battle:

u/JIGGLYPUFF858 just offered curry to a guardian of hell, and it worked

Fourth guardian

tomfru1 vs this guardian:

After the fight, tomfru decided to run away the battle and saying he to atack the steampunk faction, what never happened because he was killed in another battle before doing that

The gatekeeper:

First battle

/u/GlaciumFracture vs the gatekeeper

still going

All guardians:

first battle:

Blue star vs hell empire

after blue star used a good amount of resources, all the guardians died, creating the event of the godless crusaders

Items Edit

proxima hell has alot of items, they all inflict hellfire

Helldragon Edit

a mount thats more common in proxima then normal hell, it spits hellfire and deals more damage to single targets

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