History Edit

The REDACTED Zone is partly a joke played on the data-mining community by the Developers. It was introduced into the code in update version 2.010 Alpha and caused the community to freak out over what it meant. ( Keep in mind that the first ARG was going on at the time so everyone was trying to find meaning to stuff that was “hidden” by the Devs. )

A week later, one of the Devs commented on the REDACTED Zone saying that “It had something ’special’ for the community.” This statement caused another massive freak out in the community as the ARG had reached a road block in clues so everyone was desperate.

This ’special‘ thing the Devs were referring to ended up being a chest with the “I.O.Clue” item inside of it which concluded the first part of the first ARG in a semi-bitter sweet fashion.

While the REDACTED Zone never appeared again for any part of the second or third part of the first ARG, multiple references were made towards it and it eventually became an actual area in update ver. 2.011 Alpha.

Layout Edit

The REDACTED Zone is pretty much empty, or at least it was up until update ver. 2.012 Alpha where a Jukebox and a chair were added to the centre of the map. The REDACTED Zone’s skybox was also changed to a purplish-blue colour.

Later, in update 1.2.05, a chest, an old desk, and a broken table were added to the centre of the map as well. The REDACTED Zone also recieved its first ever enemy in this update. The skybox was also changed again, this time to a greenish-yellow colour.

Then, update 1.3.01 gave the REDACTED Zone a powerful boss that had very specific summoning conditions and some other new enemies. The skybox also received another change, this time it was a dark grey that slowly transitioned to white and then back to dark grey.

Content Edit

The REDACTED Zone doesn’t offer much in content currently other than a few items and a possible shortcut to the Glitched Garrison.

Items Edit

Items found in the REDACTED Zone:

  • Odd Photo
  • Dusty Notebook
  • Glitched Coin
  • redacted_ore [Enemy Drop]
  • Dataminer’s Pick [Boss Drop]
  • ARG Axe [Boss Drop]
  • I.O.Clue [During the events of the first ARG]

Enemies Edit

Enemies found in the REDACTED Zone:

  • slime_redactedzone
  • void_creature
  • Flying {REDACTED}
  • enemy_0 [Boss Summon]

Bosses Edit

Bosses found in the REDACTED Zone:

  • missing_man

Trivia Edit

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