What is it? Edit

The REDACTED Zone Jukebox is a music playing entity that was added to the REDACTED Zone in update ver 2.012 Alpha. Previously, the REDACTED Zone was completely empty and had a completely black skybox. However, after update ver 2.012 Alpha, the REDACTED Zone now has a single broken chair and a Jukebox in the centre of its map. In addition, the skybox had changed to a slightly purplish hue.

What does it do? Edit

When interacted with, the Jukebox will start playing a Morse code recording at a very high frequency.

The morse code was later translated to read “Major Tom? Can you hear us? Major Tom?”

While many believe that this is the beginning of some form of ARG, others believe it to be just a simple reference to David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Time will tell who is right.

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