The Red Scythe is the weapon gained when killing The Harbringer. It deals a base of 1000, adding 100 damage for each time the player levels up with it. Upon hitting an enemy they are either blinded (45% chance) paralyzed (45% chance) or get Red Erasure (10% chance).

Unlike The Harbringer's Red Erasure, this weapon cannot erase bosses, and instead applies a very potent poison-like Debuff.

To prevent new/underleveled players from gaining it too early through trading, glitches, exploits, being given the weapon by another player, etc, picking up this weapon will kill you unless you have defeated The Harbringer alone, in which case having it in your inventory does not harm you. For this reason it cannot be sold to someone who has not defeated The Harbringer alone, if it is sold to someone, given to someone, etc, the level-based damage modifier is reset.

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