Info[edit | edit source]

This little bot may be harmless, but if you interrupt it's home, or go near it's room, it'll shoot silver blades out of it's body.


[Blue Robotic Scales, can be made into Blue Robotic Armor, 4+ DF each.] [Silver Legs, if equipped, you get 6 extra limbs, 4+ speed and 30+ DF.] [Robb Head, can be made into a robot like this, this requires Blue Robotic Glass and the silver legs. (To get blue robotic glass,  put it 3 x 3 and you get 4 of the glass.) (The robot has 14 different variations to create, and the bot won't be as satanic.)

The infected forests[edit | edit source]

These forests can be infected by a fungi named "Yukimanymara". Nobody has encountered it, nobody has seen it.

(ps: the spieces of this boss is called "Hydrothaman Zuesline")

The following forests that can be infected by the fungus:

Redwood Forests

Spruce Forests

Fir Forests

Swiss Alp Forests

Hydrothamanis love living in these forests that are infected, If the forests are not infected, they cannot live for more than a week, cause they feed on dead bark.

Except Robb is the last one of the species, Hydrothaman Zuesline.

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