Rogue Military Guncrawlers are Guncrawlers that malfunctioned and have began registering everything as an enemy, thus shooting whatever it sees. They spawn in random rural areas, and can be identified by rust and vines growing on their sides. If the player manages to shut one down, they can return them to the Military for currency and XP. It is impossible to use Rogue Guncrawlers as companions, just like standard Guncrawlers. Guncrawlers attack using their machine guns, and can ram into players to deal damage.

Description Edit

Rogue Guncrawlers still look identical to normal Guncrawlers. They are short, tank like robots with a heavy caliber machine gun on their top armor plates, and track like wheels for movement. They can be identified as rogue by patches of rust on their armor and vines growing on their sides.

Locations Edit

  • Any rural area

Trivia Edit

  • Rogue Guncrawlers attack both players and other enemies.
  • Shooting the rust patches do no extra damage.
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