Location[edit | edit source]

Roller Park is located off the coast of the South American region, close to the border of the North American region.

Description[edit | edit source]

Roller Park is a flooded, partially underwater Dungeon that was once an amusement park on an artificial island. There was a battle of wizards at the park, leading to the island sinking and its inhabitants mutating or being resurrected as Zombies. The only remnant of the park visible above water is a single roller coaster above the waves. There is a still active cart on it, which the player can ride down to the underwater levels, which are filled with enemies. After clearing the level, the player can collect loot in the gift shop, and has the option to leave or go into the rest of the park, which is completely submerged and filled with aquatic enemies. Some rides can still be operated, and doing so will trigger other bosses and loot.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Staff Zombies: Zombies who were once staff members at the park.
  • Security Zombies: Zombies who were once security guards at the park. They wear purple and green uniforms and carry batons.
  • Mutant Divers: Divers sent to investigate the sunken park, who were mutated into horrid abominations. They carry harpoon guns.
  • Bloated Diver: A bloated mutant diver that serves as the boss of the initial level. It throws poisonous barnacles at the player.
  • Rabid Aqua Hounds: Dog-like water elementals who went mad feasting on the bodies of the dead in the park and remain rabid.
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