Sara is a mysterious NPC who sometimes appears sitting on a bench by herself in a park. City Guards look at her in a strange way, and many civilians keep away from her. She does not move from her sitting position, but looks at the player as the player passes by. She does not attack, and if she is injured, she will flee. The player has the option to hug her. If the player hugs her, she will appear satisfied, and the player will receive XP and Charisma points. Afterwards, she will get up and leave.

Description Edit

Sara is an anthro female white furred rabbit. She wears a light red jacket, red sweatpants, and black shoes. She has a red bow on her head. She never seems to shift from her smiling expression, but has been known to blink. Her ears give her an extra foot of height.

Trivia Edit

  • She is not listed as a member of Furcon.
  • If you ask a city guard or Terran Security Unit about her, they will either wave the question away or gruffly say, "Don't mention her to me," implying that she has a bad habit of hugging people who don't want to be hugged.
  • Many NPCs have similar functions as Sara, leading to the theories that Sara has multiple forms or is a shapeshifter.
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