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The Sea of the Cosmos is a 50-100 level zone were you fight for protecting this interuniversal sanctuary from all the other timelines or anomalies. It is a bridge between various timelines.

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Sea of stability (50-52)

--Corrupted multiverse--

Ton Eurt Profanation (53-56) (100)

The Barrier (57-60) (100)


The galactic chamber (100+)

Sea of stability: Edit

The galactic sanctuary, the only place true to all timelines…


All the protectors of the chamber are here, you will need to help them clean the zone from angry Red Star rebels. This is the most important part of the zone, because here you can take the anomalies contracts, so make sure of protecting this.

Rebels are the enemies here

Rare loot is the drop here, with a galactic style.

Ton Eurt Profanation Edit

Red Star is somehow here, we need to defend this sanctuary!



Example of tecnology

In this part we will need to protect the sanctuary that is sea of the cosmos of the advanced technology of Red Star.

It is theorized that Red Star is here as the sea of the cosmos works as a gateway to the Ton Eurt Universe.

Red Star enemies uses heavy technology to destroy the enemies, in the level 50 version the player will need to sneak to plant traps to destroy the tanks and other technology.

The level 100 variant is more brutal, needing to 1v1 red stars, with a difficulty similar to a 1 player world boss

The loot at level 50 is epic quality, and 100 is mythic loot, the loot is similar to red star technology. 

Titanian Enforcers appear to help destroy Red Star invaders. 

The BarrierEdit

Major interuniversal anomalies detected, we need to keep the barrier up!


Second part of the sea of the cosmos, in this one you will need to fix anomalies in the war, red star enemies can be found but are rare to find.

This zone has a special mechanic, anomalies. Anomalies can be found in the map with different level of danger, each level of danger will give more loot, this can be found outside the zone but this is the zone with the most anomalies

In level 50, you will need to detect and fix the less major anomalies, you will be helped with useful tech and Titanian Enforcers to do this, but in level 100 you will need to fight the hardest anomalies, where the Enforcers should do most of the work.

The loot is epic at 50 and mythic at 100, and the aspects are similar to the technology you use.

The galactic chamberEdit

Is a little neutral zone, only accessible after clearing the galactic gateway raid, you will be able to see Titanian artifacts and learn more about the lore.

Galactic maps

Raids Edit

Galactic Gateway (Level 100 raid)

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