What is it? Edit

The Multiverse was added in Update ver. 17.12.2 along with many other Sci-fi things.

The Multiverse, as of Update ver 18.10.1, contains 205.5 different available universes each with at least some minor changes to canon lore and locations. Some notable universes include Betaverse Ult.LD, Alphaverse 20-PalinilaP-02, and Omegaverse Cr0Wn.20-18.

All Universes are separated into 4 categories,


Has its own unique lore and sometimes even changes to the physics engine. Mostly created by the Devs but there are some User-created Omegaverses such as Omegaverse Fl4_v0ur-Twn.


Less major changes than an Omegaverse but still quite packed with edited lore and zones. Some are created by Devs but most of the better ones are User-created like Alphaverse 3dent.s_0c34N and Alphaverse Ka1sErre1ch


Few major changes to lore and locations. Most are User-created and consist mainly of meme zones and uncreative self-inserts. There are very few notable Betaverses that aren’t created by Devs.


Very simple changes to the lore and locations. Nothing that notable about Deltaverses.

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