The Shoot N Doot is an unique experimental Military sonic weapon dropped by Private Blares, and can thus only be gained by killing him. It is a surprisingly powerful sonic blaster, resembling a cross between a tuba and a bazooka, made by the Military as part of a line of sonic weaponry, some of which were disguised as instruments for infiltration units. It is a very cumbersome weapon, and thus slows down the player's movement speed and turning speed, and is also difficult to fit in tight areas. It also takes a few seconds to lock on to a target, leaving the player vulnerable during that time, and has a long reload time. However, it deals very high damage, and can even stop moving armored vehicles. Most enemies with the health of a standard unarmored Human will be instantly killed, and stronger enemies would most likely be rendered unconscious unless their stats prevent that. Small and weak vehicles would be thrown away, and stronger vehicles would be shoved back. Certain structures can be damaged or destroyed by the Shoot N Doot's blasts, which have a conical hitbox, a rather long range, and make a loud tuba sound when fired.

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