Sir Gunnings is a miniboss that wanders the British Isles. If the player is far enough in the game, there is a chance of Sir Gunnings spawning on Englatron. He usually doesn't attack the player, simply rides along in his bicycle, tipping his hat to other NPCs and greeting the player as he passes. If the player provokes Sir Gunnings, he will attack them using the mounted machine gun on his bike. The machine gun has a shield, which allows Sir Gunnings to block some damage fired at him from the front. He has high movement speed, and can outrun any player on foot. If the player does not provoke him, they can befriend him by talking to him about science, mathematics, tea, and fancy mustard. Gunnings will also attack any enemy that comes into his line of sight, which some players have exploited. If the player kills Sir Gunnings, they can take his bicycle.

Description Edit

Sir Gunnings is a human male, wearing a fine grey suit, a black bowler's hat, and sporting a finely trimmed mustache and elegantly polished shoes. His vehicle is called a bicycle, but has four wheels. It has a large, heavy caliber machine gun mounted on its front. The machine gun has rectangular shield on its barrel.

Quotes Edit

"Top of the morning, chap!"

-Sir Gunnings riding by the player.

"Good day!"

-Sir Gunnings riding by the player.

"Tally ho!"

-Fighting the player.

"Yes, indeed, tea, crumpets, fancy mustard."


Trivia Edit

  • When idle, Sir Gunnings sometimes stops his bike and pulls a cup of tea out from under his hat.
  • When he's not attacking, other NPCs will move out of his way.
  • Some civilians even respond to his greetings, with a pleasant "Good day Sir Gunnings!" or similar statement.
  • Sir Gunnings is a Military veteran, a doctor, a gentleman, and was knighted at some point in his life.
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