Slayer is an NPC found during Legion's attack and the following demonic incursions. Equipped with stats comparable to and endgame boss, Slayer is a very powerful character. He is known to deal heavier amounts of damage to demonic enemies, especially when using his signature Benevolent Force Gun. Following Legion's attack, Slayer can be found in the following incursions, and can often be found if the player comes across/deals with demonic threats, especially if they try to summon demonic entities. He can also appear if the player kills an angel or holy being.


Slayer is an angel from Heaven, thought to originally be named Guy, and known to already be in service during the formation of the Multiverse and the creation of sin and Hell. During the early battles between angels and demons, Slayer led the angelic armies in defense of the Multiverse, forming the elite Peacemaker Angelic Marine Corps, whose militaristic and sometimes ruthless tactics and organization made them stand out from other angels. During this time, Slayer was known to be very ruthless while fighting demons, almost as if he held a hatred against them. As the eons went on, Slayer started to question if it was truly worth it to hold extreme amounts of hatred, especially when he saw other angels fall and become demons, then having to face them in the field of battle, especially a close ally of his, who was turned under the influence of Legion. In his later years, while he still ruthlessly blasts demons who still seek to do evil deeds, he is not so quick to blast demons who wish to reform or escape Hell's doctrines.

Legion's attackEdit

Slayer was known to be the nemesis of the demon lord Legion, who was made up of over 2000 demons fused into one malevolent entity. Legion, under the title of The Icon of Hell, led hordes of demons in attacks on the Multiverse, seeking to drag the souls of its inhabitants into Hell. However, after several invasions, he was repelled by Slayer and then cast back into Hell, where he stayed for about 2000 years. Following those years, Legion was brought back into the 3rd Dimension by The Viewer, and Slayer amassed his forces to face him once more. From the edges of realspace to the space between universes and the Maelstrom itself, Slayer chased down Legion, and with the player's help, destroyed him in the maelstrom's end, ending the invasion and destroying the maelstrom. However, the demonic hordes that poured into the Multiverse were still present.

Later incursionsEdit

Slayer was seen again in the 3rd Dimension during the subsequent demonic incursions. He was present during the Contingency Attack, and helped to destroy it at The Link. He can be found stopping other demonic incursions, and protecting other angels and Holy beings. He also works with beings to stop Multiversal threats.

Legion's resurgence Edit

Slayer was one of the lead commanders in the campaign against the reemerged Legion. He arrived on Quisors X, leading the assault into Legion's shipyard, and chasing Legion into the Infernal Cathedral, a demonic dreadnought. At the core of the dreadnought, a trans-dimensional Light Drive built around the incursion source, Slayer had the Drive overloaded and forced both himself and Legion into it. The Drive went off and destroyed the dreadnought and demonic fleet, while also blasting Slayer and Legion into an alternate realm superimposed over the entire Multiverse, known as Unspace, where the Holy essence of Slayer holds down the unholy essence of Legion. Although it was impossible to truly kill the demon lord, Slayer had finally locked Legion in a place with no known escape.


Slayer appears as a Human-like angel, almost always seen fully clad in an angelic white exosuit with some gold elements. Said exosuit is heavily armored, and often glows when Slayer is powered up by Holy Energy boosts. Its basic design bears resemblance to Military exosuits, sporting a retractable blade on the left arm, and a retractable shoulder-mounted cannon on his left shoulder. The exosuit itself can change colors, many times going into green and grey camouflage mode when in certain areas, such as the Maelstrom. Slayer's wings are cybernetic, an enhancement he made himself as to not leave his armor with any weak points. Because of this, his wings can fully retract, and have been seen being used as energy-tipped blades or as micro-missile launchers. Beneath his helmet, Slayer has fair skin, brown hair, and some scars on the right side of his face, including slash marks and burn marks. His eyes are silvery, but are sometimes glowing white. It is also possible that his eyes are cybernetic, and that other parts of his body are as well. It is presumed that he has some sort of uniform beneath his exosuit, and that parts of the suit are cybernetic and linked to his body. On some linings of the suit are angelic writings of scripture and demon warding.


Health 1,000,000
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 90%
Magic Resistance 90%
Energy Resistance 85%
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