The Small Crucifix is an item unlocked by gaining the Believe achievement, which is unlocked by meeting God Himself. It appears to be a standard crucifix made out of wood, but when activated, it appears to be made of silver and gold. The Small Crucifix, despite its size, is actually the strongest of Holy Crucifixes. It cannot be destroyed, and will create a Holy Shield around the player when activated, which will block demonic attacks. It also makes the player deal Holy damage, which is useful against demons and enemies of higher dimensions. The Small Crucifix cannot be sold or traded. It is the counterpart to the Inverted Crucifix, and nullifies the effects of the Inverted Crucifix.

Trivia Edit

  • It is impossible to equip the Inverted Crucifix/Dark Crucifix with the Small Crucifix.
  • Wearing this displeases and wards off the Grand hell dragon and demonic NPCs.
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