Snow Golems are common enemies in snowy zones. During the winter events, they spawn in more areas. Snow Golems are extremely weak to fire, and quickly melt in heat. They move at a slow, crawling pace. Some even throw snowballs at the player. They will swipe at the player or try to drag the player down into the snow. When killed, they don't drop anything other than XP. They do very little damage, and are not considered a threat unless the player is below level 10.

Description Edit

Snow Golems resemble a human, but are missing legs, and are essentially just a crawling torso. They are made entirely out of snow, and leave a trail of snow wherever they move. They have difficulty going up and down staircases. If in heat, they will quickly melt and die.

Locations Edit

  • Snowy areas
  • Northern zones (during winter events)
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