Space Credits, otherwise known as Government Credits or simply credits, are the standard currency of Government space, and are accepted anywhere in Government space. Space Credits were created by the Government as a standard form of currency for interstellar business and commerce, and to build a stable economy for their expanding frontier. Merchants who are in the Military will usually sell in Space Credits, and Megacorp merchants will also do the same. Space Credits are very valuable, being worth more than Gold and most other mortal currency. Space Credits can be withdrawn from banks, or taken off enemies as loot. They are most commonly gained from completing quests and helping NPCs. Space Credits appear to be small, rectangular objects, partly transparent with some visible circuitry and the display of how much credits it is worth, such as 1, 5, 10, 20, and so forth, with different colors for each digit. The highest denomination of Space Credits produced is 1,000,000. Space Credits can also be stored digitally, which is good for players who don't have enough space in their inventories for large stashes of credits.

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