Spook Coins are a form of Celestial currency used by Spooky Bois. They can be dropped from Spooky Bois, and can be acquired if the player gives a Spooky Boi calcium or completes a quest for one. They can also be picked up from the Spook Planes. Spook Coins can be used to purchase items, but are mainly used to purchase Spooky Boi items, as Spook Coins are worth far less than a standard Celestoid, which is the standard currency used by Celestial Entites. Despite this, Spook Coins are worth 4 Space Credits, and can be used with Celestial merchants. Spook Coins resemble metal coins with inscriptions on the rim and the image of a skull and crossbones on it. However, upon closer inspection, the material that creates the coin appears to be bone rather than metal.

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