The Static Man is an enemy that appears after framing the player for his crimes, prompting Government Agents to go after them. He is armed with a pistol filled with extrauniversal magic, which will kill the player in one shot if they don't get him to the road. If the player leads him to the road or other path that the Government car came in from, he will be run over and killed. He is only encountered if the player gets Orb Man arrested. Static Man will spawn at the player's base. The player can also try to kill him instead of waiting for him to get run over.


Static Man, along with his brother Orb Man, are gas-like entities from an alternate version of Earth. Static Man's Earth had no Government, no Military, no Intergalactic Empire, and no Titanian contact. However, Orb Man and Static Man wanted power. They didn't want to serve the mages that ran their world, and hatched a plan to overthrow them. They managed to jump universes, and began stealing different forms of magical energy from different universes, intent on using them to overthrow the high mages of their world. However, they were both being hunted by Titanian Enforcers and Novamen, and even some Time Police Officers for disrupting the flow of time in some timelines. Static Man put on static-like armor to survive in the atmosphere of the True Timeline and hid with Orb Man. He frames and tries to kill the player after finding out what happens with Orb Man.


Static Man is a humanoid in futuristic armor that looks like TV static, and has some black components and a red cyclopedic eyepiece. In his true form, he looks like a humanoid cloud of green gas.


Health 1000
Fire Resistance 100%
Physical Resistance 50%
Magic Resistance 99%
Energy Resistance 95%
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