Steampunk Hierarchy Crab Bots are huge, crab like, steampunk constructs. The Hierarchy boasts them to be able to destroy star cruisers, but this was easily proven to be a gross exaggeration, as one was completely destroyed by a direct hit from an artillery gun, and Crab Bots don't have nearly the amount of firepower to breach cruiser armor. Crab Bots are really only useful as a ground unit, as they can destroy tanks and infantry units, and have no anti air capabilities. However, they are still extremely dangerous to fight, as they can pick up large vehicles and crush the player with their claws. They also have a laser blaster in their face, which can instantly destroy most ground vehicles that don't have advanced armor. However, it is only a single target blast, so players are advised to spread their parties out, as the Crab Bot can only focus on one at a time. A few were deployed on Earth, but were destroyed. Others are present on different parts of the Solar System, and a few are present on other parts of the galaxy.

Description[edit | edit source]

Crab Bots are large, six story tall steampunk robots that are built in the image of a crab. They posses six legs and two large claws, capable of picking up any vehicle smaller 3 stories. The front of its face is flat, and sports a circular, buzz saw filled mouth with two mandibles. Crab Bots only have one eye, which doubles as its laser blaster. It has a smokestack on its back, which it bellows smoke out of, and two smaller smokestacks on its head, which is where the real eyes of a crab would be. It is grey in color, and has some gold elements on its armor plates.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Earth (briefly)
  • Random planets in the Milky Way

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown why the Hierarchy boasted that the Crab Bots held immense power, as they were quickly proven wrong and yet kept persisting in their claims.
  • Crab Bots follow the Hierarchy's style of making steam-powered robots, even though they are obsolete and highly inferior to modern technology used by many other factions.
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