Steven Jobson is an NPC encountered in The Apple. He is not classified as a boss. Steven Jobson cannot be harmed, but the building can be brought down around him, killing him.

Before Trans Galactic War Edit

Steven Jobson ran a company that manufactured civilian products, specifically overpriced smartphones. When the Trans Galactic War began, a few civilian companies began to go out of business as everything shifted towards the war effort. The SpaceForce Corporation began to create their own civilian lines, which made many more companies go out of business. By the time that they sold off all of their civilian lines, Jobson's company was bankrupt. He managed to salvage some parts of it, and moved operations to a separate building. He developed a hatred for David Consulman, and began to give himself more and more cybernetics to keep himself alive, as he was sick and dying.

The Apple Edit

When the player reaches The Apple, they will be met with a robot snake, which is an extension of Jobson. Jobson will direct them up to the top floor, telling them what happened to him on the way. When they reach his office, Jobson will ask the player some personal questions, such as their job, if they have any loved ones, and who they live with. After getting the information he needs, Jobson will activate wires and a ceiling turret to attack the player, trying to plug the wires into them so that he can upload himself to their body. The player must bring down the entire building on Jobson, which will kill him, as he was initially protected by a force field.

Description Edit

Steven Jobson has a bony frame, pale skin, and little to no hair. His eyes are replaced with metal tubes that go around his head, which is why he needs the robot snake to see for him. Most of his body is covered in robot parts, metal plates, and wires, which make him permanently sitting down. He is hooked up to the entire building, which serves as a sort of life support system.

Quotes Edit

"It's that damn SpaceForce Corporation...made everyone go out of business!"

-Talking about SpaceForce.

"Come up here...I'll be waiting..."

-Telling the player to find him.

"Think of this as an upgrade. My mind in your body!"

-Attacking the player.

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