T-WEHRMACHT is a boss in the midgame stages of the game if the player joins the Polish or Soviet Faction. He attacks with his rifle, which is actually an advanced plasma rifle. T-WEHRMACHT is heavily resistant to all forms of attacks. He can also be encountered if the player is not affiliated with the German, Soviet, or Polish faction. In that encounter, he can be found hunting down communists or furries. If the player is a furry, a part of Furcon, an anthro-animal-like species, or a communist, T-WEHRMACHT will attack them.


A corporation built T-WEHRMACHT in Cyberdyne City, which was located in the northern United States region. The coporation that built him had built him for the German Faction, as Dolfi had commissioned him. The corporation was then bought by the SpaceForce Corporation. T-WEHRMACHT then served the German faction in their endless wars against Russia and Poland. T-WEHRMACHT was designated as one who would hunt down a target in enemy territory, and one who would lead the troops in war. He later became Dolfi's right hand man, and was given new tasks of targeting communists and furries. Sometime in his early years of operation prior to WW2, T-WEHRMACHT, German soldiers, a squad of SpaceForce Corporation soldiers, and a SpaceForce executive named Bob R.P. Fastwheelbarrow fought against a group of Vampires, utilizing UV-based weaponry.

New Blitzkrieg Edit

T-WEHRMACHT would survive the fall of the German Faction and become a terrorist, killing Westerners and others he deemed to be impure. He created a base of operations in deep space, where he built multiple copies of himself. When one of his bodies was destroyed, one of his copies would activate. He spread them throughout several worlds, hiding underground and within cargo crafts, seeking out old Imperial technology to create his own German Faction.


T-WEHRMACHT resembles an adult human male. He is wearing a standard German faction uniform. The skin over his right eye was blown off in an early battle, and remained that way ever since, revealing a black robot endoskeleton with a glowing red eye.

Quotes Edit

"Guten tag. Have you seen a fugitive around here with a hammer and sickle?"

-Searching for a communist spy.

"Guten tag, I seek to create coats out of the pelts of furries. Have you seen any?"

-Searching for a furry.


-Attacking an enemy.

"I'll be back."

-Leaving an area while on patrol for enemies.


-Leaving an area while on patrol for enemies.


-Seeing an enemy from the Soviet Faction.


-Seeing a furry.

"Vat ze hell?"

-Attacked by magic.

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