Tank boi is a current member of the Military and a companion.

In Combat Edit

600 150 110/80 200 900 170 100 500

Element: Chaotic Good.

Attack Description Effect on target Costs the user
Bite [DATAMINING, this can't be seen during normal gameplay]

All dog breeds can Bite.

More than one successive bite is often considered as a Dog Attack.

DMG=STR Nothing.

(This attack is automaticly used if the user is a dog and selects "Fight" instead of "Skills".)

Chaotic Shooter Physical Attack of multiple medium impacts. DMG=500+ATK 100 MP
Cute Chaos Magical Attack of slightly above medium impact. DMG=700+STR+1/4 MAG 150 MP

Life Edit

Battle Doggo met a human merchant who allowed Battle Doggo to use her home as a shelter. The merchant was a member of the Memetic's Union and trained Battle Doggo. While completing his third mission Battle Doggo was injured and unable to move by himself. Battle Doggo was saved by a old man who gave him a potion of power and cardboard tank armor. Unable to find the merchant again, Battle Doggo wanted to live with the old man (who renamed him to "Tank boi"). Tank boi continued his training with the old man.

One day the old man encountered the merchant and instantly killed her without thinking. Realizing his mistake, the old man runs away but was quickly biten and shot to death by Tank boi. Tank boi was quickly arrested and taken to court.

Suddenly Tank boi was given the choice to join the Military or go to prison by the judge. Tank boi decided to join the Military and killed 249 terrorists within a week.

Today Tank boi is member of the Military Armored Division who supports the Memetic's Union.

Trivia Edit

  • Tank boi starts at level 3.
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