The Tank of the Holy Spirit is a boss found in the outskirts of the Scorching-Sands Zone. Like all other bosses associated with the Holy Faction, the Tank of the Holy Spirit can only be fought if the player attacks it first or is an enemy of the Holy Faction. It has amplified stats a standard old Earth tank, boosted by Holy defenses and Holy damage. Because of this, it is very resistant to both conventional and magical attacks. Like normal tanks, it attacks with its main barrel, and also has a back gun to attack with. Getting run over by the tank will kill most players who are at low levels or don't have sufficient armor and resistances.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The Tank of the Holy Spirit was created by the Holy Faction in collaboration with the army of the United States Faction. It was sent to the Scorching Sands Zone, where it patrols a small patch of Holy Faction bases on the outskirts of the zone. What happened to the tank after Newer York was created and the Trans Galactic War began is unknown.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Tank of the Holy Spirit has standard tank tracks, along with a more or less standard body. However, the body is small and flat, and there is a miniature church built on top of it, which is where the crew resides, and is made out of the same metal as army tanks, just enchanted with Holy defenses.It has a large tower with a spire on top, and the tank barrel, which has a cross on the end, juts out of the church's door. It has a small trailer with a mounted, seemingly automated cannon on it.

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