The Apple is located in a desolate wasteland of an area beyond Government territory on Earth, specifically in Europe.



The Apple, with the generators behind it.

The Apple is a structure that is about 7 stories tall. It appears to be made of scrap and cargo containers. On its roof, there is a neon billboard with an apple being displayed. Behind The Apple is an array of other scrap towers, which are actually all generators, which are powering The Apple. The interior of The Apple is empty and rather mistreated, and the floors above the first floor are filled with wires and tech from before the Trans-Galactic War. The first floor appears to be a lobby. When they player enters, they are shortly met with a robotic snake, which is connected to something on the top floor, along with all the wires. If the player makes it to the top floor, they will be met with Steven Jobson, who will reveal what happened to him and his company. He then tries to forcefully upload his mind into the player's body so that he may live again in them, and use them to rebuild his company. If the player kills Jobson, The Apple collapses, and a briefcase with 1 trillion dollars in it can be found among the rubble. The generators then all shut down.
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