"My husband is okay, don't worry about him. Now, about your soul?"

Origin Edit

This couple, sent straight from Hell, have been wandering in an unknown forest for around 400,000 years. Chong-Lee was in a horrible accident when being struck out of Hell. Satan had grabbed the two and through them straight into an undiscovered Suicide Forest Biome, where they were damned to wander for eternity. Chong-Lee was thrown at a exceptionally higher speed, and got a tree stuck in his abdomen.

What do they want? Edit

You must give them 6 Demon Souls, and they will provide you with one of the three options randomly:

  • Book of Reckoning (practically an essential for the Mage class)
  • Deathlord's Amulet (gives +666 to magic damage)
  • Blood-ridden Greatsword

Alternatively, through certain dialogue choices, you can anger them, and start a fight. This battle is very difficult, and requires some of the best end game items. They drop 9-13 Demon Souls each. After defeating them, they respawn after in-game 2 days, with all knowledge of any previous encounters wiped from their memory. They are not considered bosses.

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