Although this creature may look weak with lots of legs it can get incredibly powerful. This creature can be found in the Alleyway [Area] and can be [Tamed] by using eight cans of fancy feast. They can also be [Hatched] from [Mystery Eggs] and they will grow up [Tamed].

Abilities[edit | edit source]

[Super Dash]: Use all legs to gain a temporary speed boost. The speed boost is equal to normal speed times the amount of legs and lasts three seconds.

[Extended Scratch]: Use all legs to deal half of 2 to the power of the amount of legs. Equation for calculating damage(X=Legs): Damage= 1/2(2^x).

[Prey Locate]: The Extended Hunter leaves the game for five minutes and returns with an amount of rodents, birds a and, fish equal to the amount of legs

[Extended Bounce]: The Extended Hunter jumps into the air twenty feet times the amount of legs and slams onto the ground dealing damage equal to anywhere between the amount of legs and 2 to the power of the amount of legs.

The Extended Hunter can learn most abilities in the [Feline], [Extended], and [Radioactive] classes at high levels. However many of its abilities can take a long time to recharge, so energy charms are recommended to equip to it.

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