The Figure is a mysterious NPC that will appear randomly in the midgame stages. The Figure cannot move as long as someone is looking at him. When he does move, he seems to teleport, as he can cross large distances in the span of a few seconds. If the player remains looking at him, he will not move, and the player can simply get out of the area without The Figure attacking. If the player looks away from him, he will appear behind them. The player only has a 5 second interval of safety looking away from him. If they stay facing away from him, he will kill them by grabbing them by their neck and turning them into a statue. When the player looks back at him, he will be frozen again. If the player looks back at the last possible second, The Figure will have his hand raised, as if to grab them. Touching The Figure will make the player nauseous, and he will not react to interaction attempts. The Figure can be easily destroyed by explosives, pickaxes, and other methods used to break stone, as he seems to be nothing but a statue. When The Figure is present, the player is unable to call in reinforcements or allies from other areas of the world.


Nothing is known about what The Figure is or where he came from. However, he has been on Earth for many centuries. The Military had contained and studied The Figure some time after the Trans Galactic War, and had listed him as Unknown Entity-1223991 (UE-1223991). However, he somehow escaped, and went back into the world. The Military was searching for him to contain him again, but he escapes their scanners, as he is an inanimate object to the scanners. However, after the later formation and buildup of the Military Containment Division, The Figure was tracked down and destroyed.


The Figure is a humanoid, appearing to be wearing all white clothing and some kind of mask, with his eyes and nose being the only real features on his face. When first seen, he stands upright, and that is the pose he always takes, other than having a hand raised to grab the player. However, when approached, he turns out to be a statue, and feels like stone.


  • It is possible that The Figure is some kind of Extramultiversal Entity.
  • It is also possible that The Figure is also some sort of Golem.
  • It is impossible to scan The Figure for stats and description.
  • The figure bears an uncanny resemblance to The Watcher from Doctor Who
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