The Foreign Hacker is an unidentified figure who hacked the game for unknown reasons and nearly destroyed it. The Foreign Hacker's efforts were foiled by the Main Dev. Afterwards, the Foreign Hacker never resurfaced, so it is possible that he either died or was arrested. He was called an idiot by the Main Dev for hacking something that seemed irrational and not even worth hacking. Any ties to False God, the Murderer, the Manager, or any of the banned players are unknown.

Hacking Incident Edit

The Foreign Hacker hacked the game shortly after the Main Dev fixed the damage done by the Infinity Sickle. The Foreign Hacker's motives and identity are still unknown. However, whoever it was has never resurfaced, causing many to believe that the Foreign Hacker has died or been arrested (although it wouldn't be for hacking the game).

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