The Glory of the Beans is a quest found in the European region, specifically finding a hidden facility in the territory of the German Faction. The facility can only be opened during the midgame stages.

Description Edit

You come across an old, abandoned facility, probably one of Dolfi's old warehouses for his endless attempts to conquer Europe. But something's the flat, empty lot behind it, you can see them. The Beancoats, poised to start a revolution, and are ready to take you down with their enemies. Destroy them.

Story Edit

While wandering around the German Region, you come across an old facility near the coast. It appears to be a simple warehouse, but there is some evidence of tech all over it. It also bears signs of being some kind of research center, with a strange array of satellites on the roof and a row of anti-aircraft guns. You enter the facility. It is empty, but now you can see that it was some kind of research facility. There are containment pods in one room, all of which are now broken open. But what could've done this? As you exit the facility, entering the empty lot behind it, you see them. The Beancoats, an army of them, standing in front of a massive bean statue, ready to start a revolt. And they will take you down just for being there. After killing the first wave of Beancoats, the area seems clear. But all is not clear. There is a rumbling sound, and a Bean Tank rolls in with more Beancoats. Only after destroying the Bean Tank and the last Beancoats is the area truly clear. The bean uprising has been put down. However, it appears that some Beancoats had managed to escape and have scattered throughout the land. But no matter. The glory of the beans is no more.

Reward Edit

The player receives XP, 300-450 Gold, and some Magic Beans, which can be planted to grow healing items. The player can also pick up some of the Beancoat's guns, which are little more than simple muskets.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can fail the quest by being killed by the Beancoats.
  • The player can simply not take the quest by leaving through the front door instead of the facility's back door.
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