Appearance Edit

The Harbringer is a huge eyeball of green color with tentacles from the back of it, each tentacle is 500,150 kilometers.

The area around it 500,000,000 kilometers squared around it is shrouded in static (as seen in picture) the aura is spherical.

Powers Edit

Static Aura Edit

The Static Aura around it can be toggled on or off by The Harbringer, it can also change how dense the aura is, whether it blinds or is barely noticeable, any anywhere in-between.

Red Erasure Edit

Almost anything, within the static aura can be erased from existence instantly, it turns red and then fades away, leaving no trace. The time to Erase depends on the size, a person fades instantly, a sun-sized star would take 10 seconds.

Red Energy Edit

Anything outside the aura or something that cannot just be erased has to have red energy shot at it, in one of various shapes (beam, blast, wave, etc) almost anything hit by the red energy has red erasure applied to it. Any being that is not erased takes a very large amount of damage and has a potent poison-like Debuff applied to it.

Tentacles Edit

It's tentacles are incredibly fast and powerful melee attacks.

Infinite sight Edit

The Harbringer can see infinitely, so long as there is nothing in the way.

Shapeshifting Edit

The Harbringer can take any form it wishes, however the static effect does not automatically go away, it rarely ever changes form and stays in it's true form.

Motive Edit

The Harbringer is a part of The Viewer's plan to destroy the Multiverse. Unlike GlïtçhSküll, The Harbringer does not stay in the Corrupted Multiverse, but hides out among empty space.

Trivia Edit

  • The Harbringer is an Extramultiversal Entity.
  • Fighting The Harbringer with other people does not work as when it gets to its final phase it does an undodgeable insta-kill to all players present, thus fighting it alone is the only option.
  • Killing it alone unlocks the Red Scythe.
  • The Harbringer fight is significantly harder than the GlïtçhSküll fight, it is also harder to reach The Harbringer fight
  • Like GlïtçhSküll the only way to beat The Harbringer is for it to be thrown into The Void.
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