Backstory Edit

The Last Player, A.K.A EndTime64, is the survivor of the Fallen Timeline. They were the only one to remember the timeline after it was removed from reality, and as such, vowed to prevent the game from ever being destroyed by the Void Faction through travelling back in time and preventing the Day of the Banned. However, during their time-traveling adventure, they got shot down by the Time Police and ended up in the True Timeline instead.

Now, they are constantly trying to get back to their original timeline to complete their mission by collecting as many Universe Fragments as needed to get back to their timeline whilst dodging the Time police, Bulk Being Military League units, and Titanian Enforcers.

Description Edit

The Last Player is a Lvl. 99 Paladin of unknown gender, race and age that wears a full set of Techno-Camo, wields the Fallen Hero’s Blade, and is usually seen holding a peculiar locket. They typically disguise themselves as a Mechanic or Scientist due to their high intelligence stat and because people in those jobs work with people who have access to the location of Universe Fragments. They will change their disguised identity every time the player or someone else discovers who they really are or whenever they are defeated in a duel.

Their stats are as follows,

HP: 250M

MP: 150M

Def: 130M

M.Def: 190M

Spd: 90M

Int: 85M

If one were to engage in combat with The Last Player and win, they would receive 3500M XP and 900 Titanian Credits.

Interactions Edit

The player first encounters The Last Player as Professor Pendulum at Timework Industries. If the player can identify that The Last Player is disguising themselves at that point of the game, they will be asked by Professor Pendulum to follow them to his office. Once they reach the office, The Last Player will reveal themself and their backstory. The player is then presented with the option to help them or ignore them. If the player is part of the Time Police, they will automatically engage with a fight against The Last Player after their identity reveal.

If the player chooses to ignore The Last Player after the reveal, they will go back to their regular routine. However, if the player comes across The Last Player again after this, they will still be offered the option to help The Last Player with their mission.

If the player chooses to help The Last Player, the Back To The Fallen quest series will begin.

If the player doesn’t identify The Last Player during this first encounter, they will still be able to engage with the The Last Player once they have a high enough perception stat as long as they haven’t reached the end of the Trans Galactic War yet; because at that point of the game, The Last Player would have completed their mission on their own.

Trivia Edit

  • Ironically, The Last Player is technically an NPC.
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