Description Edit

The Little Pumpkin Turret is a small turret, designed as protection for the [unknown] building. His insides are electrical wiring, but has a weak pumpkin shell. It locks on to targets, attempts to kill them, but is always out of ammunition.

What do they want? Edit

Upon encountering, TLPT will try to kill you, only to find it has no ammo. You can choose to trade Pumpkin Seeds for your safety. If you choose this dialogue option, 1 bag of Pumpkin seeds will leave your inventory and be placed next to TLPT. He will retract his guns and aim them up in compliance. This encounter will give you 600 Gold and 200 XP. If you can, you can place a Watermelon Turret next to it, although this is purely for decoration.

Dialogue Edit

TLPT: ENEMY SPOTTED. [pauses] Ahh crap.

Player: If you promise not to kill me, I'll give you some ammo.

Player: [removes pumpkin seeds] Take this. It should last about 2 years.

TLPT: [retracts guns and reloads] Thank you, unidentified threat.

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