The Pizza Delivery Guy is an NPC that will randomly appear at the player's front door sometime during the night. He has the same chance of spawning as The Insurance Guy, who is his brother. However, if the player has already accepted the Inusurance Guy's service, the Pizza Delivery Guy will not spawn. The Pizza Delivery Guy tries to deliver a pizza to the player's house. If they accept his pizza, he will charge them $5 and then leave. If they refuse to accept it and tell him he has the wrong house, he will then offer them a similar service to the Insurance Guy. Whenever the player calls him, he will deliver them a pizza, which is actually a health item/powerup, which can be useful if the player runs out of healing items or energy needed to create said healing items. If the player refuses, he leaves. If they player chooses to fight the Pizza Delivery Guy, he will stab them with his twisted umbrella, and strangle them with his long, crooked arms. It is easier to kill the Pizza Delivery Guy than it is to kill the Insurance Guy, and Holy damage will kill the Pizza Delivery Guy faster than physical damage.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Pizza Delivery Guy is a grotesque humanoid, with a long, slender frame, and deformed limbs and extremities. He wears a faded, red pinstripe suit, and a red bowler hat. Strangely enough, his eyes, which are small and all black, are not on his face, but rather on his hat. He wears glasses over his eyes, and has a greyish skin tone. He has sharp teeth and gums that appear to be diseased, and always carries a twisted umbrella with him.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I'm here to deliver a pizza. Did you happen to order one?"

-The Pizza Delivery Guy's opening statement.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like the Insurance Guy, he is presumably a demon.
  • He walks in a crooked stagger, using his umbrella as a cane.
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