The Star Palace is the capital building of the Intergalactic Empire. It is located at the center of Imperial space, dozens of hundreds of thousands of galaxies away from Earth.

The Star Palace


The Star Palace is a massive, spherical space station, now classified as having been an Ultra Planetoid, at least 7 times larger than Jupiter. It held enough firepower in its main cannon to destroy multiple star clusters at once. The Star Palace is made of Imperialite, and is grey in color. At its top is a city-like array of structures, purpose unknown. Within the Star Palace is countless hangars, factories, war rooms, government offices, the Imperial Senate, and the main computer of The Intergalactic Emperor. The Star Palace is heavily defended by Imperial fleets, as it is the most important structure in the Intergalactic Empire. It can only be accessed at the end of the Galactic Salvation storyline, when the Military leads and assault on the Star Palace and destroys the Emperor. After the Emperor's death, the station self destructs and obliterates the surrounding system.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Imperial Senate: The Imperial Senate is similar to the Senate of the Government. It is here that decisions about the laws and regulations of the Intergalactic Empire are made and evaluated, with representatives from all over Imperial space. However, it became nothing more than a house for pointless debates, as the Emperor's word became the law.
  • Imperial Throne Room: The Imperial Throne Room is the home of the main computer of the Intergalactic Emperor, and the site of the final battle of the Galactic Salvation storyline. It appears to be an oversized, heavily ornate security room, with a massive monitor at the far room, displaying the image of the Emperor's eye.

Enemies Edit

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