The Vapormaze (Aka the Vaporcave in European Ports) is a large dungeon.

One of the many rooms within the maze

Location[edit | edit source]

The Vapormaze is located under the Crystal Ocean in the European Regions, and is accessed by a locked gate. To open the gate you must win minesweeper on the windows 95 computer located next to it. The computer is indestructible, and cannot be hacked with cyberware or the computer knowledge perk. NPCs and companions from the Cybercity will begin to worship the computer and regard the entire maze with awe and misplaced nostalgia.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Vapormaze is a maze that is based on the retro style's "analog nostalgia" or the music genre "vaporwave" as well as the work of hypnagogic pop artists such as Ariel Pink and James Ferraro, who were also characterized by the invocation of retro popular culture.

The maze changes layout every time you enter, and is easy to get lost in. It is a massive dungeon with multiple exits, rooms, and pocket dimensions. It is home to some of the best loot in the game. There is a single enemy within the Vapormaze, who is immortal, making an although bright and fun maze scary to some. There are many different enemies within the pocket dimensions, however. The Vapormaze continued existing after the Trans-Galactic War, and became a popular attraction for adventurers.

One of the many pocket Dimensions

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