The Viewer is an Extramultiversal Entity, a figure in the lore, and a rather unseen figure in the game. There are a few easter eggs and other items that can allow the player to see The Viewer, but the player cannot interact with him unless they are part of an interdimensional vigilante group, or until Operation: Final Strike and Doom Legion. The Viewer's actions progress after completing a main storyline, and it affects the number of supernatural entities/objects that the player encounters, and what those encounters comprise of. During the time of The Viewer's actions, more Extramultiversal Entities can be found.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The Viewer was among the first Extramultiversal Entities to come into existence, being formed sometime after The Void. The Viewer then organized the Great Breach, which was the only time the Edge Wall was breached. The Viewer brought the demon lord Legion with him, with the intent of using Legion for multiversal conquest, also spillint out a large supply of Chronovores. However, Legion's initial invasions were subdued by a collaboration of Bulk Beings and angels led by Commander Slayer. These events, along with Legion refusing to continue working with him, led The Viewer to go into obscurity in the 3rd Dimension, specifically the Ton Eurt Universe. He disguised his base as a station belonging to a Ton Eurt faction known as the Demonic Faction, and loaded it with so much extramultiversal matter that it was invisible to the rest of the Multiverse. And in secret, he set up a web of operatives, and had been pulling the strings on interdimensional crime ever since his arrival. Extramultiversal Entities, Celestial Entities, and even some mortals were under his command.

Plan to destroy the Multiverse[edit | edit source]

The Viewer was able to see the entire Multiverse; every dimension, realm, and pocket dimension was in his sight. He had also been creating paintings of various events that happened throughout time. He had planned to destroy the Multiverse and rebuild it in his own image. To do so, he planned to first create his large organization, and then to build up power with the existences absorbed by the other Extramultiversals. The plan was to wait until the correct moment, and then attack The Void. He would first do this by having the entities under his command steal parts of the collapsing worlds in the Corrupted Multiverse and not let The Void get to them, and to help entities escape from The Void. Thus, The Void began starving, and weakening, becoming more and more awake (it was excruciatingly painful to The Void to be awake). As The Void began weakening, The Viewer's plans became known. The 5th Dimension and the Abstract Concepts found out about The Viewer's location after a group of mortals forced his hand and made him show himself. They then launched an assault on The Viewer, who rose to be bigger than galaxies. The Viewer fought back, and had his henchmen launch assaults on all sides of the Multiverse. He easily defeated some of the Abstract Concepts, leading to brief malfunctions of their concepts and to their unconscious bodies needing to be brought to safety, and made it to the Corrupted Multiverse to face The Void. He pushed past The Mode and the Wardens, who then stepped back from the Corrupted Multiverse. The Viewer then took on a form that resembled smoke and fought The Void. However, The Void had regained strength through the help from the 5th Dimension, and was able to destroy The Viewer.

Resurgence[edit | edit source]

The Viewer had seen all possible outcomes, and thus kept a piece of his essence hidden within the Intergalactic Empire. This essence crossed from unit to unit, including the Z-COVID bioweapon, until it came to rest on Lord-Admiral Trenns Valarom, a human-like Alien attempting to rebuild Imperial strength following the destruction of The Star Palace and The Intergalactic Emperor. Using the Lord-Admiral, he made a neutral government known as the Interstellar Expanse into a puppet state under Imperial rule, blackmailing its king and most of its officials into serving him. He used Expanse forces to launch an attack on a Government world known as Crassin Prime, which housed Extramultiversal Artifacts holding enough power to restore The Viewer's abilities. However, after the princess of the Expanse rebelled against The Viewer's rule on Jimin, the Expanse capital, she was able to help Crassin Security Forces fight the invasion and seemingly destroyed The Viewer once more.

2nd Resurgence[edit | edit source]

The Viewer survived the Siege of Crassin Prime as a single particle, which needed to grow power once more. The Viewer amassed Extramultiversal Matter by taking over other Extramultiversals, rebuilding most of his body into a smoke-like form. Using what power he had rebuilt, he caused a conflict between Extramultiversal Entities and Hell, causing an event known as the Flow Crisis, which forced the Gates of Hell open and caused an unbalancing of Holy and Unholy Energy in the Multiverse. With this, the demon lord Legion escaped Hell once more, and in a bid to regain his own power, agreed to join The Viewer again.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Viewer resembles a man wearing a black military uniform with gold epaulets. However, instead of a head, he has a cloud of smoke with floating red eyes. The smoke head gives him more height than he already has. Let it be noted that this is only how he appears in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to see The Viewer's true extramultiversal form.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When The Viewer was destroyed, all entities present reported briefly seeing The Man Who Watches.
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