"you dare to stand against me boy?

i watched over your world when it was in it's infancy!

and one day i will ascend to the stars once again and take back my rightful place and take my revenge on the ones who cast me down in the first place

but you won't live to see that. you'll simply be another step on my path to victory..."

― The tree progenitor

The tree progenitor is the main villain and final boss of the fallen Celestial event. After fighting through every wave of his plant minions the player will find him in the deepest part of the deep forest where he will give the speech above before beginning the fight

Origins Edit

The tree progenitor was once a Greater Celestial Entity and one of the Watchers but unlike the others he was a manipulative villain that did the job for personal gain, he used his role as a watcher to gain power. He masterminded many of the problems they solved to keep them distracted and he planned on killing and absorbing the power of the other Watchers to ascend to the 5th Dimension to become as powerful as the Bulk Beings, a direct violation of Cosmic Law and a feat impossible by 3rd Dimensional power. But he was caught in the act, and as punishment for abusing his power and attempting to kill the other council members, his pool ball head was shattered and his body was made mortal and fused to a tall tree in a forest on Earth, which was then quarantined in a pocket dimension resembling an infinite forest, accessible from a hidden portal on Earth. Following this, he was replaced with a new Watcher on the council. After becoming a tree, he planned to get revenge by using his remaining Celestial power to warp and alter plants into a species of tree creatures to serve him and bring him sacrifices of powerful magical beings so that in time, he'll have enough power to feed on Celestial Entities and one day break out of his tree prison, become a powerful Greater Celestial once again, and get revenge on the Watchers.

Description Edit

The tree progenitor looks like a normal tree except for the fact that it has his old body with a white suit around the trunk hanging limp for the most part except for when the body makes hand gestures while he speaks.

Stats Edit

Health 49999
Fire Resistance -150%
Physical Resistance 85%
Magic Resistance 65%
Energy Resistance 85%
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