Tier 8 Fabricators are Titanian robots. They have become the basic Fabricator unit, as all other models besides Tier 17 were discontinued and scrapped. They have the ability to channel raw energy into controlled blasts, as they are powered by an Energy Stone. They also have a Reality Stone in their chest, rendering them immune to the major effects of other Space Stone armaments. Rogue Tier 8 Fabricators serve as midgame bosses. They are very resistant to all forms of attacks, and can deal heavy damage with sheer brute force. As they are robots, they are immune to emotional attacks, mental attacks, and illusions. However, they do seem to display some level of emotion. Tier 8 Fabricators that are still under the Wise Titanians can be found trying to track down rogue Novamen.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Tier 8 Fabricators were built by the Old Titanian Kingdom, an intergalactic Titanian state that would later become the Titanian Empire, uniting their race and the entire Multiverse for a time. Tier 8 Fabricators were manufactured by Lord Fabricator. Their purpose was to control interplanetary power grids and serve as a police force for their empire. At this time, all other models of Fabricators were decommissioned and scrapped. When some Tier 17s went rogue, many Tier 8s were indoctrinated into their beliefs, and went rogue with them. As such, they are also responsible for the massacre of several galaxies. Many were put down by the Titanians, but many more escaped. They later sided with the Traitorous Titanians. The Fabricators that didn't go rogue were decommissioned for a time, and recommissioned after the Titanian Empire was founded. During the Great Titanian Civil War, the rogue Fabricators sided with the Traitors. The ones that were still under the Wise Titanians became great assets during that war.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tier 8 Fabricators are 7 foot tall, armored humanoid robots. They are dark blue/purple-ish in color, with a flesh colored faceplate. Their face loosely resembles a human, but with a flat nose and glowing red eyes.In their chest, their Reality Stone is shown, glowing red through their coverings. Their palms also have a glowing blue circle on it, as it can be used as a gun for their energy blasts.

Quotes[edit | edit source]


-Looking for interuniversal criminals.

"Hostiles detected."

-Seeing an enemy.

"Meatbag detected."

-Rogue Fabricator sees an organic enemy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Their voices have a more robotic tone than a Tier 17 Fabricator, and sound similar to DCAU Brainiac.
  • They can maneuver in space without any visible jets, and can easily survive descending into the atmosphere and entering other dimensions.
  • They have a twelfth level intellect, making them far smarter than any human.
  • Surviving an encounter with a Rogue Fabricator (of any tier) will grant the player the achievement Stultus Machina, regardless of how they survived the encounter.
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