The Time Police is an organization founded to enforce the laws of time. Each universe is supposed to have their own department, although some universes don't. Some Time Police Officers are known to freely move between timelines, not stationed in an exact one. The Time Police was originally created by The Mode, and was made up of Bulk Being Military League units. After the New Titanian Empire was founded following the temporal resets, the task was handed over to the Celestial Entities and Titanians of the 3rd Dimension, who formed the modern Time Police Department. The Military League still worked closely with the Time Police on many occassions, and The Mode still has true control over the Time Police. However, he leaves them to his own devices, only having some ambassadors to stay with them, and leaves the Time Police to be ruled by Time Police Chiefs and other officials. The Time Police department is structured similarly to the City Guard department of Earth, with stations, patrols, ranking systems for officers, and countless protocols. The Time Police is comprised of both mortals and Celestial Entities. They work closely with the Titanian Enforcers, who have a similar, but more broad task. Like the Enforcers, the Time Police uses Titanian Law, which includes a lot of the greater Cosmic Law. Thus, Time Police officers are expected to know the fundamental Cosmic Laws. However, as their name implies, the Time Police are really only concerned with laws involving time. They have close relations with the Government of various timelines. Mortal Time Police officers carry heavily advanced, Military-grade weapons and armor, along with handheld time machines, and vehicles modified for time travel. Celestial Entity officers often wear some form of identification as a Time Police officer, and use their powers to time travel, not technology. A few Fabricators and Novamen are assigned as Time Police officers. The player is able to call the Time Police to deal with time traveling entities if they have the right items. The Time Police also hunt the player if they break the laws of time, such as seen in a quest where the player is unintentionally transported to the 941st Trilennium. Time Police officers function similarly to City Guards when hunting and arresting the player, although they have better weapons and more powerful backup. Their affiliation with The Time Keeper is unknown, but The Time Keeper did admit that he appreciates their help. The Time Police are considered to be lawful neutral, as they will also stop assassination attempts against past dictators and tyrants, along with attempts to stop wars that are fixed points in time or essential to a certain timeline or the Multiversal flow of time. There are also smaller, independent Time Police-like organizations in certain timelines. However, these organizations usually defend and enforce their own twisted laws of time, and their own version of the timeline, not what their timeline should actually be. Such organizations are dangerous and are usually put down. They continue to battle Chronovores.

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