Time is up is an event in the midgame stages of the game.


The Wheel and the location

When Edit

The event happens when anytime after Government land had been cyberformed, and the player comes across the area.

Where Edit

Time is up takes place in an inexplicable lake surrounded by mountains on cyberformed land.

What Edit

A Lesser Celestial Entity, specifically a S'awface, appears. It is different from all the other S'awfaces, as it has a third eye. It is known as the Wheel, and had gained enough power to even be considered a standard Celestial Entity. All players who are in that area must face him. The Wheel can only be harmed by being hit in the 3rd eye. After the Wheel is killed, the area dissipates, revealing that it was some kind of pocket dimension, and the player is left on the side of the road on cyberformed land, with no passing civilians knowing what had just happened.

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