Titanian Gauntlets are extremely powerful weapons. They are only obtainable by completing the "Find The Key" quest to prove the player's worthiness. The quest can only be accessed by endgame players. After acquiring a Gauntlet, players can use it throughout the rest of the game, and can replay earlier missions with the Gauntlet. But if the player begins to kill civilians or break Titanian Cosmic Law, the Gauntlet will be temporarily revoked from the player by Titanian Enforcers. If they break the laws 3 times, their Gauntlet will be permanently revoked.

Background Edit

Titanian Gauntlets were created by the Titanians as armaments to hold Space Stones. They were the most powerful among the Titanian armaments. Some Gauntlets are right handed, others are left handed. The number of Space Stones they have, depending on their type, can vary (maximum being 5). They all bear relatively the same design, but vary in color and sometimes build. Only Soul, Mind, Time, Energy, and Matter Gauntlets are available to players, as they are the only ones that non-Titanians can wield. Some Titanians created Fusion Gauntlets, which seem to be two separate Gauntlets fused as one, and when used correctly, can simultaneously use the power of both Gauntlet types. The strongest Titanian Gauntlet that will ever exist in all of eternity is the Superweapon. Gauntlets, like other armaments, are built from the metal known as Uux, which doesn't exist anywhere in Government space, and is far stronger than anything found in it. Titanian Gauntlets, like all other Space Stone Armaments, can only function within the 3rd Dimension.

Types of Gauntlets (From weakest to strongest) Edit

  • Soul Gauntlets
  • Mind Gauntlets
  • Time Gauntlets
  • Energy Gauntlets
  • Matter Gauntlets
  • Fusion Gauntlets
  • Reality Gauntlets
  • The Superweapon
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