Titanian Warlords are high ranking Traitors and endgame bosses. They all wield Reality Gauntlets, and sometimes, they carry other Space Stone armaments, such as eyepieces, swords, or rifles. They attack using their Gauntlets, warping the landscape and rendering weapons and armor irrelevant. They also have the ability to kill players in a single shot and restrain other Gauntlets. Enforcers will attack them on sight. Titanian Warlords have extreme resistances to all attacks, and have incredibly large health pools. Their attacks are random and jagged. However, using other Space Stone armaments against them can prove to be far more effective than simple weaponry.

Great Titanian Civil War[edit | edit source]

The Traitors were once part of the Cosmic Titanian Empire, now known as the Old Titanian Empire. However, they began to crave power, wanting to be worshiped as gods. They betrayed their empire and started the Great Titanian Civil War. They slaughtered countless races and laid entire universes to waste. They were joined by rogue Fabricators and other groups. Eventually, they were fought into a long, seemingly endless stalemate with the Wise Titanians, who sought to rebuild their old empire and restore multiversal peace. Titanian Warlords lead the Traitors, running large ships and organizing invasions. However, some Traitors broke away and formed their own group, known as the Mad Titanians. They went into hiding in deep, uncharted space. Sometime after the Trans Galactic War, the Mad Titanians returned, before being promptly erased from existence. Afterwards, the Traitors began working with the Imperial Remnants and the Steampunk Hierarchy, using them in combination to their own forces. The Imperial Remnants were then remade into the New Intergalactic Empire, but were nothing but a pawn to the Traitors.

Description[edit | edit source]

Titanian Warlords vary in appearance. They all bear the same Titanian physiology, which makes them tower above humans and have incredible amounts of natural strength and durability, but they can have some variations. Many have cybernetics, and they all have armor. Their armor can either cover their full body or most of their body. It can range from dull gold to metallic grey. Individual designs vary, too.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"With this, I am a god."

-Attacking the player with their Gauntlet.

"I am inevitable!"

-Using strong attacks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fighting a Titanian Warlord to a draw gains the achievement "There will be no snap."
  • Killing a Titanian Warlord gains the achievement "There, I went for the head."
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