To live and die in Boxwood Forest is the third quest of the "Boxy quest series". It tests the player's knowledge of the basic game mechanics.

Description Edit

Boxy:"This is Tom. He helped us at the bar."

Tom:"I think we should just lie low and hide until the HEAT is gone."

Boxy:"No we just need money. There is a house filled with demon cats here. I heard there is some good money."

(Tom:"Boxy seems a")

Boxy:"I'm fine! You just have to trust me! Anyway we should go there now."

What do you do?

Story Edit

Boxy decides to steal money of a house filled with (4) demon cats. The protagonist has to get in the house and steal the money. The protagonist wins once they get the money.

Reward Edit

The protagonist gets 2000 G and 200 XP.

For every enemy they defeat on their way to the money they get 100 bonus XP.

Completing this quest also unlocks Getting the money.

Trivia Edit

The player can fail this quest by letting any party member die, getting knocked out or getting killed.

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